Feb 2, 2017
The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is more important to website owners than ever. Getting attention online can be a challenge, and understanding how Google and other major search engines view and rank websites are the first steps to making sure your website is on the all-important first page of results. Over 95% of all Internet searches stop on page one, so the websites that are on page one of all the major search engines for their main keywords are the ones hauling in massive amounts of traffic. More traffic means more people, more customers, and often leads to more sales.

Those spots don’t get filled by accident or at random. SEO is the tool you can use to push past the competition and make sure your website is the one getting online attention. While many marketers are going nuts over social media marketing, special strategies using apps, still nothing quite has the impact that you get from a good consistent search engine optimization program.

So what are the major benefits of SEO?

Huge Increases In Traffic

First and foremost, even a mediocre SEO campaign will bring in more visitors from people searching Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Good to great SEO campaigns can have a massive effect. Considering that 95% of all traffic starts and stops on page 1, going from not on the page even to the bottom of page one is a huge jump for a business. Even on the page, the first three spots get up to 80% of that traffic while the bottom 5 to 7 spots get the remaining 20%. This means even moving up on page one can have a massive effect.

When a website goes from 1,000 people a month to 1,000 or 10,000 a day, the business notices.

Better Brand Trust & Authority

The biggest brands are ones that are always seen, and nowadays having been around for decades isn’t enough. Young buyers go to Google to find what they are looking for, and that means companies that want a high level of authority and trust in today’s competitive markets need to show up online �" and they need to show up a lot.

Many people trust Google, so when Google is providing your website or business in their top results, that carries a lot of weight with modern customers. Seeing your business name everywhere grows that brand trust and authority even if they don’t buy every single time. That type of long-term positive brand recognition is priceless in and of itself.

Lower Costs & Longer Results

Compared to paid advertising online, SEO is actually relatively inexpensive, even on a large scale (when compared to a similar paid campaign). Search engine optimization may take longer to kick in at full force, and in competitive markets will require maintenance, but it won’t cost nearly as much as paying for every single click. Especially in industries like the legal industry, where a single visitor can cost $50-100 in some markets.

When SEO is done well, that traffic keeps on coming. When the budget is out on paid results, all the benefits of that campaign immediately cease. In the long run, the results of good SEO continue to give back to the website and business, even after a campaign stops.

Keeps The Competition At Bay

In competitive markets, it is a guarantee that many of the companies on page one for major money keywords are already using SEO. If you aren’t doing the same, you are falling behind. That means not only not gaining, but actually losing more of an already small market share. Making online optimization a major part of your overall strategy is crucial to keeping your competitors at bay �" and an absolute necessity to pull ahead.

The ROI Is Outstanding

Finally, the Return On Investment (ROI) for long-term SEO is outstanding. Google and other search engines are constantly updating, but it takes over 200 different factors into consideration before ranking each site. That means investing in the SEO to get to page one, and towards the top of page one, will keep paying back. Those are positions that can’t be beat overnight so you get to keep reaping the rewards.

When traffic shoots through the roof you have to remember those are actual people, potential customers, looking for something you offer and finding your website as a possible solution to their problem. More people means more customers, more customers is more money and more profit.

There is no denying the many incredible benefits that come from proper search engine optimization.

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